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(a)    Items will be processed as soon as order and payment has been received. This usually takes 24 hours. The items will then be shipped by a reputable courier to be delivered within 1-3 business days. Unforeseen delays may occur with which we have no control and therefore cannot be held accountable.


(b)  The appearance of the products may appear slightly different from the photos on our web site. This is due to the differing resolutions on varying monitors. The photos are for illustration purposes only.


(c)    The lenses will only be dispatched if the purchaser has a valid prescription from an authorised optometrist or optician. This can be verified when ordering on the web site.


(d)   Returns are accepted. The lenses must be returned within 10 days in the unopened packaging. The cost of return will be payable by the purchaser. A full refund or exchange will be available if the product has been returned intact and undamaged to container and contents.


(e)    All items will be dispatched prior to an e-mail. The e-mail will indicate approx delivery time and if appropriate a tracking reference number.


(f)     It is important to consult with your optometrist or optician for the guidance of lens care and insertion


(g)    An eye exam should be taken prior to wearing contact lenses even if the power is -0.0. i.e. your eyes have no need for enhancement.


(h)    We have a right to amend prices and products without notification.


(i)      Whilst every care is taken in the description of products we cannot be held responsible if an error or misrepresentation occurs from the manufacturer.


(j)     For further information please click on the following site;



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